i-scan OE GI recommended settings

The following settings apply only to the users of the EPK-i7010, as this is the only processor model, which has the i-scan OE (Optical Enhancement) function available.



i-scan 1, uses only SE to refine imaging of subtle surface abnormalities, without altering the brightness of the endoscopic picture. 


i-scan 2, combines SE and TE, enhancing minute mucosal changes and vessel structures.


i-scan 3 or i-scan OE 1, optically enhances the mucosal and vascular pattern, adding more information and confidence to the diagnostic.



Tubular adenoma with low-grade dysplasia

A subtle change of the epithelial mucosal surface is observed.

The borders of the lesion are clearly delineated from the surrounding mucosa. Combined inspection of the epithelial surface pit-pattern and vascular pit-pattern shows a non-invasive neoplasm. En-bloc EMR was performed.



Select which i-scan experience that you wish to view.