i-scan GI recommended settings


Based on current consensus, these are the recommended settings for the three i-scan modes:
(i) i-scan 1 for detection of lesions.
(ii) i-scan 2 for characterisation of lesions.
(iii) i-scan 3 for demarcation of lesions.
i-scan 1, uses only SE to refine imaging of subtle surface abnormalities, without altering the brightness of the endoscopic picture. 
i-scan 2, combines SE and TE, enhancing minute mucosal changes and vessel structures. 
i-scan 3, in addition to SE and TE, introduces CE to the endoscopic image, digitally adding blue colour to darker edges within the endoscopic image.



  • Supports fast orientation and detection
  • Significant improvement in the visibility and evaluation of minute lesions
  • Mucosal enhancement potentially supports the detection of flat lesions

Detection with i-scan 1 (SE)


  • i-scan SE retains the natural color tones
  • Accentuation of tissue structures at the touch of a button
  • Mucosal enhancement potentially supports the detection of flat lesions

Characterisation with i-scan 2 (TE)


  • Specific imaging technology for further assistance in endoscopic procedures
  • Allows more accentuated display of mucosal structures which may support lesion characterisation
  • Virtual chromoendoscopy may help to improve endoscopic diagnosis

Demarcation with i-scan 3 (TE+CE)


  • The depressed area is perceived by blue colour
  • Increases visibility of surface structure
  • Enhances minute glandular structure change by colour






i-scan in the clinical pathway



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