What is i-scan?

i-scan technology is a digital, real time processing and newly developed image enhanced endoscopy (IEE) technology by PENTAX Medical. As a virtual chromoendoscopy tool, i-scan provides the physician with an enhanced view of the mucosal structures and vascular patterns, supporting early detection, demarcation and characterisation. 


The system is easy to use, quickly engages with the touch of a button, and offers rapid imaging results. It is also possible to display a normal white light image and an i-scan image simultaneously side by side with PENTAX’s unique Twin-mode function provided by its latest HD+ processor, the EPK-i7000. Switching between white light image and the three i-scan settings is quick and can be initialised on a real-time basis.
In GI, HD+ together with i-scan, has been proven to increase adenoma detection rate, meeting the quality measurement standards. During a bronchoscopy, HD+ with i-scan may result in better detection of subtle vascular abnormalities in the airways.

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