Pulmonology Case Reports

Recurrent non-small cell squamous lung carcinoma with i-scan


A 76 year old male with a history of a left upper lobe lobectomy for a pT1bN0M0 stage Ib squamous cell carcinoma, 4 years prior to referral. Twenty months prior to referral, a locoregional recurrence was found in the left main bronchus and lower trachea, with involvement of the mediastinal nodes for which chemotherapy and radiotherapy (67 Gy) were given. Now a new local recurrence was found and the patient was referred for endobronchial treatment. More

Bronchial carcinoid and i-scan


A 61 year old male was admitted to our hospital for an aortic dissection and underwent emergency surgery. A week after surgery he developed ARDS and was transferred to the ICU where a routine bronchoscopy for microbiological examination was performed. A small pedunculated lesion was observed in the right main bronchus. Because of the critical clinical situation, no specimens were taken. After he recovered from the ARDS and underwent cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, an endoscopic re-evaluation was performed in our centre. More

NSCLC: Adenocarcinoma and i-scan


A 56 year old male was referred with a persistent, irritative cough, which had been present for 3 months, accompanied with anorexia and weight loss. He was a current smoker. He reported no fever, chest pain or hemoptysis. Imaging revealed a lung mass in the posterior segment of the left upper lobe of 48 x 36 mm, with necrosis and cavitation. More

Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the left main bronchus with i-scan


A 64 year old female with a history sarciodosis was referred to a chest physician with slowly progressive dyspnea upon exercise and variable loss of phonation. More

Malignant mesenchymal tumour with i-scan


A 32 year old female patient presented with dyspnea, which was progressive over the past 2 months. She had a history of left upper lobe resection, for a malignant mesenchymal tumour of the lung 3 years earlier. The thoracic CT scan showed masses at the left tracheal wall, with a normal left upper lobe stump. More

i-scan and NSCLC: Adenocarcinoma


A 66 years old male was referred with acute onset disorientation, dysarthria, aphasia and generalised tonic seizures since 1 day. He was an active smoker. The CT scan of the brain showed possible brain metastases. The chest CT scan detected a mass of 50 mm in diameter in the posterior segment of the right upper lobe, and stenosis of the apical segmental bronchus with possible infiltration of the posterior mediastinum. More

NSCLC-Squamous cell carcinoma with i-scan


A 70 year old male with no clinical history was referred to our centre for worsening dyspnoea with respiratory failure. A chest CT scan showed a solid right hilar mass with mediastinal adenopathy, which causes compression of the trachea, right main bronchus and upper lobe bronchus. More


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