Squamous dysplasia of the oesophagus

Early squamous neoplasia is a very aggressive pathology and the decision when to choose oesophageal sparing local endoscopic resective therapy, over invasive interventions such as surgery, depends on accurate staging. Micro-vasculature in squamous dysplasia is key to informing the endoscopist on the potential depth of invasion. Intrapapillary capillary loops arise from the submucosal veins. This short video clip shows an abnormal area with squamous dysplasia that with the magniview scope and i-scan 2 has type II IPCSLs. The normal vasculature is shown before the abnormal vessels come in to view with zoom imaging. This area was resected by EMR and show M3 invasion alone.

Courtesy of Dr. Rehan Haidry, UCLH, UK